Gulf Council Meeting

Don't forget you can watch the meeting starting at 9:30 est on the FRA website.


  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,513 Moderator
    I listened in this afternoon and all I heard during the public comment, with the exception of Denny, Buddy and very few additional individuals was Sector Separation"
  • Last ChanceLast Chance Posts: 116 Officer

    When I walked in the meeting and saw all the CFA guys I knew we were out numbered. I was thankful Pam Dana did get me to join in on a meeting about the new Days at Sea pilot progarm they want to start but with what was discussed I don't see how a capt in our area would even benifit from it. To me it looks like an end run play to get sector separation.

  • ANY....ANY proposed management scheme that ignores the obvious lack of reliable data from the NMFS reguarding stock numbers needs tabeled until the data is reliable.

    The DAS idea is by definition a form of Catch Shares, since a seperated and allocated quota would have to be developed.

    Allowing a "Pilot" is free ticket with the NMFS and NOAA haveing set precedent in New England by converting a "Pilot" into a
    full FMP with no stakeholder referendum, or any public imput or comment. Look at the results of that experiment, Not Too Good!
    Allowing them even to get their foot in the door is a dangerous road to follow.

    Ask any of the CFA/EDF guys this question: Do you feel that the NMFS stock numbers on ARS in the GOM is an accurate reflection
    of the stock you see on the water?

    They seem very uneasy even dodging that question.....Guess their scheme benefits by keeping the ACL artifically low.
  • The "Days at Sea" program is exactly what the sector separation people were pushing for at the workshop they had here in Tampa, a couple of the Texas EDF shills in my group pushed it hard.
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