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I'll be getting a Hobie Revo 11 this spring and need to set it up. I live in Atlanta, but visit family in the Destin/Santa Rosa Beach area 2 to 3 times a year, so I won't be seeing tons of saltwater time. I'd like to get into butterfly jigging, but have some questions and am looking to get some insight. Here's the setup I'd like to get. 7' MH Trevala with the new Spinfisher SSV 4500 live liner. I like this reel because it can serve multiple purposes. It's high speed and looks like it can be used for pretty much everything I can throw at it from bass ponds, Lake Lanier, and near shore. Also, the price is right for me. I can't spend much more than $150 for a reel.

So, for those of you familiar with near shore fishing in the panhandle, will this be an appropriate setup?? Obviously if I was targeting 100lb AJ's 2-3 times a month it wouldn't work, but for a few times a year for saltwater, and the rest freshwater, I would think this would be a pretty universal setup. Also, for those of you butterfly jigging from a yak, what length rod gives you the best results. I would think longer is better in a kayak in order to move the fish when needed or get around the bow, but most jigging seem to like the shorter rods. I've been reading as much as I can, but most of the info either pertains to big/deep water or big $$$.

Ideally I'd like to catch everything I can in that area, sails, mahi, kings, snapper, etc. As long as I'm fishing and catching I'm happy!!!

Here's the link to the new spinfishers. The live liner version comes out this month.



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    I LIKE A SHORT ROD, IM ON THE EAST COAST AND NOT SURE HOW DEEP IT IS OVER THEIR ugly stic makes a decent rod shimano is little more money and lighter and could use as a bass rod if need be very nice the mh by shimano. the trevala s for lighter jigs for snapper grouper and everything else would work great both fresh and salt, that reel might be a bit small and would probly better for the next size up
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    Like Chris said, you want a short stiff rod and that reel is probably too small. I would go several sizes bigger. Also, did you know vertical jigging works for striped bass? I never got to try it when I fished Lanier, but I've heard of a few guys who said they have. It's also very popular up in New England for offshore stripers. If it was me, I would get some 7000 size reels with a 6'6 heavy rod. You need the leverage and want max drag to pull those stripers off the trees and pulling jacks off the wrecks. It won't be an all purpose rig though. Also, being an owner of a Thunnus, the baitrunner gear is too heavy on a reel to be jigging with. I don't know how much heavier it will be on the spinfishers though.
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    Rod fine the reel to small go with the next size up.. My 2 cents.
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    Look up eather Penn Torque rod or the Penn Bluewater Carnage rod. Both are awesome quality and are plenty stiff enough. I have the 80-130 lb class Penn Torque. It flexes when you need it to but also has the back bone to man handle a fish trying to head back into structure.
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    Thanks for the replies. From what I understand, the 4500 size is about the same size and weight as a 5000 sargus. I was able to hold a 4500 and 5500 and the 5500 seemed huge. Also, a Penn rep said the 5500 and 6500 are the same body, just different size spools, so essentially the next size up is a 6500 series which seemed really big for a yak. Like I said, it's pretty new to me so I'm going to have to get the lightweight gear out of my head! I've tried to find some of the Penn rods to look at but I haven't had any success. The BPS near me didn't have any, their major focus is bass equipment and there's only a couple of aisles for saltwater. They had some Trevalas and the Ugly Sticks. I held them both and the Ugly Stick just wasn't for me. Is it a pretty fair assumption to say that a good length would be 6' to 6'6'' for use in the kayak? Just not sure what you guys consider to be short, as far as kayak use.

    I thought I mentioned it in the post, but I must have been thinking it and didn't write it. The depth off the beach where I'd be fishing seems to max out at about 100' so I definitely won't be doing deep water jigging. It looks like 3.5 to 5 oz jigs would be the most practical application.

    As far as Lake Lanier goes, I'm about 10 minutes away from it so I am planning on trying to do some Striper fishing with this setup as well! I guess it's the next best thing
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    Ur shallow that's fine.
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    Here's a video of the spinfisher v. The reel he's holding is the 5500 series and the smaller one is the 4500 series. They seem a little larger than the shimano's of similar series numbers. For some reason the 5500 in the store looked huge, but I guess after seeing it in his hands it might be the perfect size.

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    I started kayak fishing on that lake over 20 years ago. There are spots on the lake that are well over 100 feet deep. I think it would work on the stripers. Worth a shot, use your fishfinder to find the school and drop. Look out for the tree line. You may never get your jig back. I spent most of my time up the Hooch in class 1 and 2 white water. The stripers would go up river to try to spawn in April and we would have a blast hooking 30 lbs stripers in the white water. No boat could go up that far but the kayaks could. I will have to make a trip back up there soon. I have not fished Destin but it is on my hit list.
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    I use a 6'6 MH Trevala with a Battle 5000 spooled up with 50lb diamond braid. Has not failed me yet, great all around combo for me. I have fished the bottom (snapper/grouper) chased tarpon in the cut and all the jigging I'll ever want to do. The set up is LIGHT and I noticed an immediate difference (was jigging with an old Penn SS 6500 on a heavy star rod) from my older combo. Hell, I've even successfully jigged with my 4500 baitrunner (wouldn't recommend it) although I don't thing that drag would stop a AJ diving for the wreck in its tracks the way a conquer/spinfisher would.
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    bebop wrote: »
    As far as Lake Lanier goes, I'm about 10 minutes away from it so I am planning on trying to do some Striper fishing with this setup as well! I guess it's the next best thing

    I'm about 5 or 10 minutes from the lake in ****... Let me know and we'll team up on the striper with jigs one day soon!
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    Offshore, I use the lightest Trevala and the smallest Van Staal, with 10lb Fireline. I can fish all day in deep water with just 3oz jigs, and the gear is so strong that it is not easy to break off when I snag the bottom. 10lb Fireline is more like 17lb with good knots. I don't fish wrecks though, which would be the only reason to go bigger IMO. I have a very long kayak and prefer a 7' rod to reach around the ends as well as to cast further. EDIT: stripers hit jigs. I used to jig a 2oz Crippled Herring for them in the Northeast.
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    Thanks for all the great replies. It is nice to hear first hand experiences instead of people spouting off baseless opinions. (nobody had anything useless in this thread, but you know what I mean). I like hearing what people use and what kind of success or lack of, they've had. I'll probably end up going with the 5500 spinfisher and a 6'3" or 6'6" trevala. I just need to decide which model trevala. They had the "S" at our BPS but not the F or regular. I'm just trying to figure out if there is that big a difference, at least for me. I kind of look at it like fine wine. I could drink a $500 dollar bottle, but I don't have enough knowledge to appreciate it and probably wouldn't be able to tell a difference from a $30 bottle. I'll be asking more questions in future posts.

    Dukesfin, I'll probably definitely take you up. I'm in Flowery Branch, so not to far. I've never been on the lake so it will be a little overwhelming.
  • bebopbebop Posts: 50 Deckhand
    Do any of you think a 5'4" rod will be to short to use from a kayak?? I am looking at the OTI fathom blade. Lots of good reviews, but not sure if it's to short. It seems like there has to be some sort of sweet spot as far as the proper length rod for a kayak, especially speed or butterfly jigging.
  • frankthetankfrankthetank Posts: 863 Officer
    never to short, to be honest shorter the better it becomes easier to jig in the yak. + you get some good power out of shorter rods which is crucial when winching some beasts of the wrecks
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    Bebop....I am a kayak guide in Santa Rosa Beach. I just wanted to chime in before you spent money on a jigging combo. Although they can be used for other things.....I don't pick up a butterfly jig in this area all year. I am sure most of the things you are reading are from the guys down south. They have deep reefs that they are able to vertical jig with success. Our reefs up her are 50-70 feet....pretty shallow. Don't get me wrong, you can catch fish on butterfly jigs here but it is not very productive and definitely not like pompano beach and Dania. I just want to make sure you spend your money wisely and not be disappointed and have to start over. These guys all have great info and are masters at it but the technique just doesn't translate that we'll here in the panhandle. Let me know if I can help.......
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