What do i do... dania?

Ok so heres my problem me and my dad usually stay inshore but we live so close to dania. Last time we we launched from dania pier and we had no idea what to do. We just sat there and randomly threw gotcha lures. I am satisfied catching anything just looking for a fun day on the water. So my question is what do i do and where can i go off dania beach to catch fish
i realize this is broad but let me know what you got.


  • frankthetankfrankthetank Posts: 863 Officer
    sent pm.
  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,333 Moderator
    If you are not prepared to go 1-1.5 miles out to the deeper water, then you are at the mercy of whatever mackerel or bluefish might be near the pier. Sometimes you might get lucky nearshore but most ppl that launch from Dania are prepared to go out 3 miles to the deeper water to tangle with tuna, kingfish, bonito etc.
    I'm not telling you to go any further than you are comfortable with, be safe at all costs, but venture out a bit more. Perhaps sabiki up some live bait near the pier and head out to 100'+ to see if the kingfish are hungry.
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  • taymagtaymag Delray Beach, FLPosts: 715 Officer
    You can get out to 200' in a matter of minutes.
  • ElMaskedAsianElMaskedAsian Posts: 73 Deckhand
    Drop a vertical jig.
  • blazing_reelsblazing_reels Posts: 589 Officer
    Or show up around 5 am on a saturday when it is calm out and see if someone will let you tag alone with them. Most people won't have a problem. Ask before you tag along as some people don't enjoy it very much.
  • PottymouthPottymouth Posts: 1,547 Officer
    taymag wrote: »
    You can get out to 200' in a matter of minutes.

    Ha ha yea 60-120 min depends on wind and current. Don't go out there blind, walk before u can run.. And definitely ask first just don't go following kayakers around u'll end up in pompano or in 1200 ft.. I had a guy follow us I kept telling him he was far from the launch area but he thought it wasn't far at all, he almost had a heart attack making it back!!!
  • mackerelmaniacmackerelmaniac Posts: 119 Officer
    You can start slow by trolling some lures or jigs maybe some ballyhoo, and go further each time and see what feels comfortable. If you're in good shape and can keep up then try to join somebody with knowledge and go out to 300'+, it does take time to get there especially if its windy and if you get hits on the way here. You also have to take into account current which sometimes can take you far. Good Luck.

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