Epic Battle on the 5 Wt! 1/30/12

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Went over to the pond in my apartment complex, like I do every evening, to cast the fly rod for some bass. I've always seen some tarpon rolling and caught one, but it was only 10 inches or so. Hooked up to a big fish but never saw it before it spit the fly. I fished around the pond a little ways with nothing. Then I came to a spot in between some trees that looked fishy. Cast my fly out and strip two or three times and SLAMMED! Fish on! The slack line is flying back out and then up comes a really nice tarpon flying out of the water! I manage to keep it hooked, but it is burning the drag on my 5 weight. It would make another jump and I'd gain on it, but then it would make another hard run. At one point, it was on the other shoreline and I was well into my backing. Got the line back and then called my mom to come down when I realized I had a shot at landing this one. She didn't get down there till about 10 or so minutes into the fight and just caught the end on video. Fight lasted about 20 - 25 minutes all together and the fish jumped 6 times. My little fly held up, it was hooked just outside the mouth, which explains why it didn't snap the 20 pound leader. Got a few pics and revived after the great fight. A few people around the pond gave some cheers when i landed it. I estimated it between 25 and 30 pounds. By far my biggest catch on the 5 weight fly rod. Left the GoPro at home as I was saving it for a night snook trip. So didn't get the blistering runs or amazing jumps this fish made. Just the very end of the fight.

Link to the short video(Ends after the snapshots):



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