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Where to Fish?

I've got a buddy from central Illinois who will be in Daytona the week of July 12th. He'll have his wife, in-laws, and two kids (age 11 & 12) with him. He's interested in doing a couple of days of fishing while he's in Daytona. He's asked me to recommend a guide (I used to live in Florida and fished as much as possible). I know it will be quite warm (especially if you're from Illinois) and off-shore might be a little tough that time of year. I was thinking maybe a day of near shore fishing off a chartered center console for snapper or similar gamefish. The next day maybe something in-shore for just him and his father in-law.

My questions:
1. What would you recommend for a family looking for action for a full day?
2. What guides would you recommend?



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