West Lake

I have been looking at hitting up West Lake between Dania and Sheridan. Anyone even have any luck out there?

I am from the gulf coast and am trying to find some inshore stuff over here!




  • frankthetankfrankthetank Posts: 863 Officer
    trust me when i say this its a ghost town their. nothing but juvi barracuda
  • ElMaskedAsianElMaskedAsian Posts: 73 Deckhand
    wow, really? i've been eyeing that area on google earth for quite a while now thinking that it might produce some snook.
  • frankthetankfrankthetank Posts: 863 Officer
    thats what i thought till i fished it
  • frankthetankfrankthetank Posts: 863 Officer
    maybe if you had live pilchards
  • PottymouthPottymouth Posts: 1,547 Officer
    Small snook, cuda's, jacks, sharks and cat fish. There's life just babies.
  • shallow runnershallow runner Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    Well then, anyone have a decent place for some sort of flats style/inshore fishing? I used to troll a lot offshore (and starting again) but sometimes just want some nice inshore action.
  • mandaferretmandaferret Posts: 932 Officer
    For flats, you would have to either head north to Stuart area or south to Biscayne Bay area.The Gulf Stream seems to erode barrier islands or something as there are little to no intracoastal waterways in the area between the two.
  • krashkrash Posts: 648 Officer
    I have fished West Lake many times, before they did all the recent cutting, Fishhead as well as a few others fished it alos. I always had good luck with small Snook, have seen good sized Tarpon passing through but never caught one. Its actually a nice place to paddle on a windy day, just beware of those sculling things I was t-boned by one one day.

    For good inshore fishing, its basically a 2 hour drive anywhere, (Starting at Cooper City Stirling & Flamingo),
    IRL to the North 1:45 to Stuart, 2:00 to Ft. Pierce, 2:15 to Round Island,...
    Gulf & back Country inshore fishing to the West & South, 1:45 to Choko, 2:15 to Flamingo
    Old Fugger who just likes to fish
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