Tarpon, Tarpon and more Tarpon

There is tarpon all over our beaches. Here I have a video of a 9 year old Gavin catching his first tarpon. He chose the song to go with his video.



  • GulfWarriorGulfWarrior Posts: 141 Officer
    Very nice!!! He did a great job!
  • angler18angler18 Posts: 2,037 Captain
    Way to go on that ****, and thanks for the report!
  • spanishsardinespanishsardine Posts: 59 Deckhand
    Thank you Gulfwarrior & angler 18. He had a blast!!!
  • TarponatorTarponator Under a BridgePosts: 11,337 AG
    That's something Gavin (and dad) will not soon forget! Well done, sir.
  • spanishsardinespanishsardine Posts: 59 Deckhand
    Thank You Tarponator that was the longest 1 hour and 17 minutes of Gavin fighting that Tarpon. My motor got a workout. I was tiered after that fight from going back and foward, motor up, motor down. He was trying to keep the line away from the side of the boat. I thought a couple of times he was going to loose him but he did it. Very Proud of him.
  • LeftCoastAnglerLeftCoastAngler Posts: 55 Greenhorn
    Very Cool.

  • BoataciousBoatacious Posts: 113 Officer
    Its awesome watching kids catch their first of any species, especially a tarpon. Well done dad!
  • burchburch Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    That`s great footage. He`ll enjoy that for years to come. Nice job Gavin !!!!!!!!!!!
  • spanishsardinespanishsardine Posts: 59 Deckhand
    Thank you LeftCoastAngler, Boatacious & Burch. I took two young ladies out ona fishing trip this week and I took him along. It's Awesome to see him explain to others how to fish while he is hooking there bait and casting for them. "tip up, reel down".
  • Capt. Kevin BrotzCapt. Kevin Brotz Posts: 726 Officer
    Good job getting the boy on a Silver King!! He'll remember that forever!
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  • xmuskyguidexmuskyguide Beautiful HomosassaPosts: 1,515 Captain
    Great experience for you both to share. :thumbsup
  • ravan88ravan88 Posts: 9 Greenhorn

    Solid work Gavin - love the technique!
  • spanishsardinespanishsardine Posts: 59 Deckhand
    Thank you Capt. Kevin Brotz, xmuskyguide and ravan88. Raven88, I had an older angler he was about 21 and he did the same thing. He could not hold the rod any more so he decided to fight the fish with the rod between his legs.
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