Shorter yaks ?

I was wondering what if any of the disadvantages may be of shorter yaks,other than less storage.

Say 9-11 footers.

I am gonna need to save my pennies for what i actually want which is the cuda 12.

But for next to nothing i can get some thing off craigslist till the day i can grab the cuda.

Not tryin to be picky on what i get.....just lookin to get off the banks as quick as possible.
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  • jakejake Posts: 326 Deckhand
    I got a few 10fts for free when I was first starting, and they were just miserable. The main problem is there is zERO tracking with most short yaks, and the glide is less. So you end up working much harder and it is just generally uncomfortable. Of course, it's subjective.
  • frankthetankfrankthetank Posts: 863 Officer
    just keep saving your pennies
  • ElMaskedAsianElMaskedAsian Posts: 73 Deckhand
    the shorter the boat gets, the less it likes to stay in line as you paddle. imagine paddling boogie board. when you paddle on one side, instead of moving forward, it twists you to the other side because there's less streamlined body to keep you in line. imagine paddling a long dragon-boat type vessel, when you paddle on one side, the huge sides of the boat keep it from twisting and turning, so all the energy you deliver to the water is used to push you forward, instead of sideways. so the longer the boat, the better it stays on target and the more efficient you will be with the paddling. thats why you see long distance kayakers with long a** kayaks. however, if maneuverability is your main concern, shorter boats are easier to turn (as previously noted) and are better for tight quarters in/around mangroves and stuff. thats why you see whitewater kayakers with really short kayaks. its up to you, they have different areas where they excel.
  • mapachemapache Posts: 262 Officer
    Short boats are slow and swing from side to side with each stroke. I've seen some nice longer boats listed for around $500 on CL. My boats are each 16.5', which I consider mid-length, though I'm a bit extreme in the need for speed.
  • jawrayjawray Posts: 319 Deckhand
    I had only short kayaks for 10 years and when i bought a 12 footer, i couldnt believe the difference. Even more than the tracking issue is when theres a slight chop, a 10 ft rocks miserably and the 12 , you dont even notice.
  • quatinquatin Posts: 598 Officer
    If you're looking for something that's a semi-replacement for a Cuda, then those cheap 10 foot kayaks off CL will do pretty well. They're a lot less stable, but much faster. However, you won't get any of the storage, rigging room, seats and neat options that the Cuda has.
  • krashkrash Posts: 661 Officer
    What type of fishing do you plan to do ?

    I started with an 11' brand-x recreational kayak and it served the purpose for 2 years. I have a buddy that paddles a 9' sit inside brand-x and he catches as many fish as anyone else and keeps up with the best of us paddling and fishing.
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  • greenie-slayergreenie-slayer Posts: 850 Officer
    I fish out of a 9ft malibu mini x and its fine if your just starting out and wanna save money. I will admit you won't be the fastest thing in the water but other than that I have no problems. The tracking issue you will solve on your own after some use in the yak and once you have your paddle strokes down you will move straiter and straiter with less tracking each time. As for storage my mini x allows me to carry just about anything I need on the water. I can fit my mini x inside my explorer and its very light at like 40lbs so carrying it is easy. I mainly fish inshore in jacksonville and Stuart. Offshore you will wanna go with a bigger yak but I have taken the mini x offshore and and had some fun wth sharks and kingfish. Look closely at the area that you are gonna be fishing and say what do I need for this area, then test out all the yaks that meet this.
    Thanks every one.

    Main consensus seems to be tracking and speed.

    The "save your pennies comment" is killin me,as that is my train of thought also.But i think in this case i'm gonna have to skip that one as i'm sick of bein shore bound.

    I will be using this yak in the creeks here in jax.Maybe a bit in certain areas in the main river.

    I think givin up a bit of tracking and speed to get on the water won't hurt.

    Still gonna keep me eyes on CL as i have seen some nice deals.Who knows i may get lucky and get a smokin deal on some thing i may decide to keep for a while.

    Thanks again every one.
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  • ZimmerNoleZimmerNole Posts: 9,244 Officer
    I bought an OK Frenzy off CL for my girlfriend for $120 I have since installed a 4 inch hatch kit, seat, paddle keeper and even a scotty mount & cupholder. I'm into this yak for only $250 net-net. I LOVE this little thing, its only like 35lbs and I can just toss it in the SUV. I drag it to the shore and bass fish in it from time to time as well. No frills, no bells and whistles just me myself and 1 rod.

    Tracks like a dream and I can stand in it....great find on CL
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