Gator Trout!!!

I caught this Big Slob today on a Topwater in the St augustine intercostal from shore. I limited out after also catching and releasing another big 24incher. The rest were all in the 18-19 in range. After all year of catching 14 1/4 in fish im pumped to finally stack em up! She was a 29 1/4 in, 9lb ,16in gerth Pig! I think its a fish of a lifetime but we will just have to wait and see! I went back the next day and caught a 24 1/4 in the same hole. Guess this spot i will keep to myself:cool:


  • Jweig20Jweig20 Posts: 48 Deckhand
    All caught this weekend on a Mirrolure top dog mullet color at low tide. When the sun was going down.
  • kajokajo Posts: 4,620 Moderator
    Holy cow!! Nice
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  • BillyReelBillyReel Posts: 31 Deckhand
    Nice trout.
    They usually get worms in the flesh when they get that big, so might not be such good eating.
  • JaxAnglerJaxAngler Posts: 465 Deckhand

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  • Jweig20Jweig20 Posts: 48 Deckhand
    No worms at all! I find more worms in the smaller trout than the big ones.
  • pilingjunkypilingjunky Posts: 2,044 Officer
    I woulda crapped my pants watching that thing slam a topwater.
    Heluva fish!!!
  • ElementElement Posts: 1,749 Officer
    Well I've caught a few trout before and that would certainly be the fish of my lifetime so far. Incredible man! Guess I can't blame my bad luck this weekend on the full moon anymore since you're out there bringing the hammer down. Now I see why they call em' gators. 29+".... unreal dude, congrats.

    PS - I've seen that white van parked on the side of the road before so I know exactly where your spot is.
  • Jweig20Jweig20 Posts: 48 Deckhand
    lol ill take you back there soon man! Hope they stick around for a bit! It will make up for catching rats in the Gheenoe all day!!
  • arunramarunram Posts: 1,628 Captain
    Wow! Unreal fish. Congrats on a fish of a lifetime!

  • FinReaperFinReaper Posts: 198 Officer
    **** thats a slob!
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  • Morocco_madnessMorocco_madness Posts: 2,821 Captain
    Good job dude! that really is a fish of a life time! Me and a guy i grew up with used to fish there as well. One of the best kept secrets of Vilano imo.
  • Sea SnakeSea Snake Posts: 5,260 Admiral
    Super nice trout....:hail

  • JoeSterJoeSter Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Nice Job
  • FB BlackjackFB Blackjack Posts: 52 Deckhand
    Nice Catch!
  • james007james007 Posts: 22 Greenhorn
  • BadfishBadfish Posts: 1,078 Officer
  • KnotabiteKnotabite Posts: 332 Officer
    Nice! You will remember that for a very long time! I caught a 7lb trout with my grandpa probabaly 15 years ago near marineland. We were out digging clams and the pole was just doubled over screaming in the boat. Still
    Remember that like it was yesterday. Great fish!!

    Slob for sure.

    Must have looked like a bowling ball fell from the moon when she hit that top dog.
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  • BobbyRoach3BobbyRoach3 Posts: 60 Deckhand
    **** son! From shore? Awesome trout!
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  • Black PearlBlack Pearl Posts: 1,155 Officer
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  • KCMKCM Posts: 138 Deckhand
    Unreal huge Fish nice work
  • StriperStriper Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Awesome trout! Great catch!
  • SaltwaterMarshSaltwaterMarsh Posts: 266 Officer
    Trout of a life time. Good catch! It is just a shame to kill such a great fish. IMO
  • closcabcloscab Posts: 122 Officer
    What a great loooking trout!!!! Congrats cant wait to get on the water makes me want to skip out of work now:fishing
  • catfishincatfishin Posts: 976 Officer
    It is just a shame to kill such a great fish. IMO[/QUOTE]

  • ElementElement Posts: 1,749 Officer
    catfishin wrote: »
    It is just a shame to kill such a great fish. IMO


    I'm not arguing for or against anyones position on which fish to keep or not to keep, but just curious where the evidence is on very large trout being citical to the future of the population? What's the cutoff for keeping a trout and why? Does a 24" fish breed more than a 19" fish? I hear the "breeder" comments alot on gator trout, but rarely hear anyone make the same comments when it comes to 10# sheepshead, doormat flounder, 20" seabass or 65# cobia, etc.....
  • arunramarunram Posts: 1,628 Captain
    I have caught plenty of 15" trout with roe in them. If the law says its ok to keep, keep it! At the end of the day, its my decision to keep it or not. If I want to eat a 30" trout (Not that I can catch any) that day, I will keep it! But I also make the fish gods happy once in a while by letting a beautiful rare specimen go so the gods will treat me with great fishing days for "giving something back". That's just my philosophy anyways. We are all in it for various reasons and a combination of them. All the way from "strictly meat fishermen" to " strictly catch and release". Do whatever you want to do as long as It's within the law and doesn't make you feel bad!

    Many a times, even if the angler wants to release a gator trout, they won't because they don't have picture with a beast of a Trout and hence ends up in the ice and someone at home take a picture of you at home. Who doesn't want their picture taken with a fish of a lifetime?! My advice is that if you are a regular fisherman, Invest in a good camera with auto click and a makeshift small tripod so you can take the picture yourself and let the fish go!

    My .02

  • SaltwaterMarshSaltwaterMarsh Posts: 266 Officer
    my only point is that a trout that get that big is old and has great genetics.
  • ValhallaValhalla Posts: 114 Deckhand
    Congrats. The fact that you got from shore on an artificial makes it even sweeter!
  • mike.robomike.robo Posts: 182 Deckhand
    Nice job!!
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