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Burnt Store Flat

We went out this morning to the southern flat of the Burnt Store Marina channel. -.4' at 8:45a, rising to 1' at 2:40p. We fished from 8:45a-1p. We had steady 5-7 knot winds out of the north but couldn't find any reds chewing. No tails all day and we covered a large amount of ground. Anyone been on the flat lately and had any luck? Last two times I've been out in the past week haven't seen a single tail. We did see a few decent sized reds cruising the flat but they didn't seem to be feeding at all. I noticed the moon was nearly full last night (full moon is tonight i believe). Anyone think the moon could have influenced them to not be feeding today? There wasn't many mullet either. It really was very quiet for the most part. Any ideas here?



  • fishdishfishdish Posts: 1,223 Officer
    I have found that fishing in the day durning the full moon phases is not worth the effort for reds, snook and sometimes trout. During the full moon phases plan a night trip or focus your efforts on other species such as sheepshead, pompano and snapper. You will likely have better luck in the same spot on a new moon and when the water warms up a little.
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