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Full moon fever - Drag Screaming Snook & Reds

It had been almost two weeks since I last fished. Too much time spent on less meaningful ventures (work, women, and oral surgery). I was itching to get back on the water. Plus I owed Jim (redjim on the forum) a trip on my boat. A few phone calls and I had my crew together (Jim, Dave, and Bruce). We loaded my Pathfinder to do battle with big redfish, snook, and tarpon under the full moon. Not sure exactly how many fish we brought to the boat. Although we couldn't find the poons, we never went more than 15 minutes without hearing a drag scream. A few pics from the evening:
Dave with a big fatty snook

Me, my face still swollen from surgery with a nice red

Jim with a snook that might have been small enough to fit in the slot if it were only February 1st

Bruce rocking the **** stash and loving on a big girl

Dave with another healthy specimen


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