Dock lights? How long before they draw fish?

I am curious if anyone has any insight on how long it takes to attract snook and other fish to a dock light? We'll be staying on Palm Island for 2 weeks at the end of March and was wondering if there would be any use in bringing a dock light for that short of time? The dock is roughly 0.5 miles from the ICW, so not ideally located for maximum fish movment as it's a dead-end canal that averages 3-4' deep. Is it reasonable to expect a few fish to start habituating to it within a week or so? Or do you need more like a month of constant use to bring any #s of fish around? Or do you want to be out closer to the ICW or in a canal with really good water flow?

Any insight would be greatly appreicated.



  • EckEck Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    My neighbor across the canal has them. I just put 2 lights in and in an hour or so after dark I was seeing many fish including snook. The fact that he has already been attracting them may be the reason they came so fast. Since I put them in I am seeing a lot of snook during the day around the dock that I didn't see before.
  • LGILGI Posts: 348 Officer
    Lights will bring them faster than you think. Lights are better than no lights, so if you have room I would bring them.
  • kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 3,149 Captain
    We saw fish on the first night at my brothers house. Bring em.
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