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Dual station repower

dtobiasdtobias Posts: 733 Officer
I threw a rod in my outboard last week and it has been rebuilt once already. New power head for a 14yr old motor doesn't make sense for my guide business. I have a bay boat with a full tower and thus have two stations/helms. Evinrude has this great repower offer out there with a good finance rate and basically free hanging and rigging. I currently have the old Yamaha dual station interface which is part mechanical and part electrical. How would these new ICON fly by wire controllers fit into this repower situation? If I went with the new controllers, would that eliminate any sort of physically linked interface between the two helms as far as motor operation, ie. shift and throttle functions. Thanks.
Dan Tobias


  • BillgranBillgran Posts: 349 Deckhand
    ICON digital controls are "fly by wire" type with easy switching between upper and lower stations, plus a lock-out feature to keep someone in the tower from taking over the controls from the lower station operator (and vise versa) without permission. The controls are connected by a single electrical cable, no matter how many engines. Your Yamaha cables and controls would be removed.

    The nice thing about this sales promotion is that you can get these ICON controls and gauges for free with the purchase of a motor. If you buy twin engines, you get free twin controls. Either way you also get free SS props and a 5 year factory warranty.

    Here is one person's article on the ICON controls http://continuouswave.com/whaler/reference/electronicControls.html

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