Fishing schedule

There have been several postings asking for people to fish with them and help
share the expenses.I tackle the problem of finding people to fish with by putting
out a monthly schedule,trying to fish M-W-Fri.That way I can do those"Honey
do" things T-Th-Sat-Sun and holidays.
That allows me to fish with people I like in my boat.People like that share
expenses,don't complain,have some fishing skill,enjoy fishing backcountry,
are sport fisherman and don't mind pushing boat once in awhile in these
low tides.Since I am in Naples Fishing Club have some obligations to take
out new members.
I am retired but being employed and having a schedule you put out
should also work.My wife also likes the schedule because she can also
plan something three weeks in advance but never M-W or Fri.


  • chandler315chandler315 Posts: 68 Deckhand
    I always cast to where the fish are. :crossed
  • 10kman10kman Posts: 539 Officer
    There was a pm I got back from JS Stickum regarding Naples Fishing Club
    and that he said I'm not a veteran fisherman.Trust me,when your in the
    10k area,few of us are veterans.But we have people in the club who
    have fished these waters for 20 years.We are still the club that enjoys
    showing others where and how to fish in these waters.
    Our meeting place is the VFW located at the corner of Pine Ridge Rd.
    and 951 or Collier Blvd.VFW behind shopping ctr.,NW corner.
    Meeting is 3rd Tues.every month starting at 6:30pm.
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