Fishing Long Key State Park

taymagtaymag Delray Beach, FLPosts: 715 Officer
I am planning a camping trip with some people and have had MANY people tell me how nice this site is. About half of us may bring our kayaks and fish the mornings and was wondering if this was a good place to fish or if there would be a better camping/fishing combo location?


  • Tropic RatTropic Rat Posts: 112 Deckhand
    I have camped there before and am going again in January. One SWEET camp ground! Packed with Canadians and Mid Westerners, who fight for the spaces.

    With a kayak you have a lot of options, as well as the flats to the East and in front of the campsites- so get advice from the local bait and tackle people (check more than one) on other spots.

    Grab a chart and start planning, bring it into the B&T with you for pointers. Watch the tides and currents so that you don't get pushed around too much. Bring cell and hand held VHF, in case you find yourself on the way to Miami. They have great fire rings, so stop in Publix and get some firewood - sometimes they sell it at the site. THEN get busy booking a site at Bahia Honda campground!
  • RollinRollin Posts: 1,543 Captain
    It's going to be about the wind this time of year. Check the wind first and then the tide. Even if the forecast is for light wind, be prepared for change as the day moves along. When wind is really howling, you can still fish on the Lee shore.
  • BonerackBonerack Posts: 47 Deckhand
    We lucked out with finding cancelations at both John Pennicamp and Bahia Honda first two weeks of March, would appreciate fishing info from Tropic Rat or anyone else. new area to us, will hope that most of the winter cold fronts have blown through by that time but understand that it is often windy and depending on how the winter works out may start to see abit of seasonal change in fishing patterns. Will have a 17' CC for the trip down in March, will be coming down Jan 19-22 and interested in getting on the water to get our first look around, private or guide recomendations would be well recieved. Thank You
  • taymagtaymag Delray Beach, FLPosts: 715 Officer
    Thanks for all the responses! I didn't know this place was so sought after lol. No reservations until MAY? ****? Now it makes me want to go even more. Question... Is this still going to be good camping in May if I make reservations? Obviously its going to be getting warm, but are there mosquito down in the keys like there is here in south Fl? Cant really think of the other down side of summer camping other than extreme humidity and heat (which suck, but no where near as bad as mosquito).

    Why is it that when you cant have things you want them that much more.. grr
  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 4,715 Captain
    In May, the Keys have mosquitos, lots and lots of mosquitos. Also sand flies (no seeums) lots and lots of sand flies. You can still have a good time but be prepared for insects and sweating.

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  • TeamTekeTeamTeke Posts: 972 Officer
    Do check with the parks. I'm not sure if they let all of their sites go to pre-bookings. You may get in with first-come/first-served. Also try Curry Hammock State Park in Marathon. Private campgrounds include Fiesta Key, Knight's Key and Sunshine Key. Expect wind.
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  • taymagtaymag Delray Beach, FLPosts: 715 Officer
    ****. I literally have to buy a spot a year away lol not cool. Oh well. Lesson learned
  • BonerackBonerack Posts: 47 Deckhand
    I believe reservations open up 11 months before your date for the Fl. State parks and they sell out quickly. Cancellations can be had if your quick enough. I quite likely will be giving up 4 nights at John Pennicamp March 5-8 if anyone is inyerested let me know and I'll PM you when I let them go. Howard
  • taymagtaymag Delray Beach, FLPosts: 715 Officer
    I googled long key cancellations to see if anyone had any luck doing this and found my post so I'm guessing not ha. Please shoot me a pm when you cancel I'd be interested. Thanks
  • chefdtachefdta Posts: 188 Officer
    Call the park three times a day about cancellations. It's the only way we've been able to get a campsite there. It's well worth it too. Flats, a couple bridges and beer, it can't be beat. As for mosquito's hang Christmas lights up high around your campsite and burn citronella next to you. The bugs will flock to the lights. Now I want to go camping.
  • taymagtaymag Delray Beach, FLPosts: 715 Officer
    Anyone have another number for long key? The number on google has been "disconnected" or something
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