Bluegill Fishin'

I went fishin today at a local pond and caught about 6 bluegill 3 of them at about a pound and a half. Also I hooked a 20-25 pound catfish on a small bream hook, he spooled about 10 yards of line before he spit the hook. Over all not a bad day, but I have had better. Just thought I'd share it with yall. :grin


  • BnTBnT Posts: 6,644 Admiral
    Pic's for the 1.5 pounders???
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    Sharky is always clocky, bnt is sometimes sharky,
    sharky is sometimes bnt, but bnt is never clocky
  • saltlife17saltlife17 Posts: 189 Deckhand
    I didnt have my camera with me and my phone was dead, next time I'll try to get some though.
  • Bassin AssassinBassin Assassin Posts: 1,271 Officer
    That is some big bream. Good fun too. Worms, crickets or other?
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  • saltlife17saltlife17 Posts: 189 Deckhand
    Believe it or not... Hot dogs, sliced up and hooked and a cork, cast it and slowly real.
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