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Wahoo on Saturday out of PE

Fished out of PE, Saturday, on the 28 Hydra- Sports with my son and buddy Justin. We could only fish the morning because I had to coach my daughters soccer game and the guys had to teach a ladders class in the afternoon. We pushed from the dock at 5:45 am. Live well filled with Gogs and Pilchard with the plan to fly the kite for a few sails.. We also knew the timing was right for a possible wahoo bite. We cleared PE after holding for the march of the cruise ships and looked to see what ships were still anchored in the anchorage. There were 4 vessels moored but the ocean yacht transport has been hooked to the bottom the longest so she was are target and we planned to set up the kite. Since it was about 30 minutes before sun up, low tide, 5 days after full moon and overcast... well out went the wahoo rigs. A red and black 12 inch double hooked with 32 oz trolling lead on port flat clip. A double hooked horse ballyhoo shirted black and purple on shotgun Split tail mullet on planner in starboard flat clip and small red and black skirted squid on the starboard short rigger clip and and a flashy mylar and pink small bullet on starboard long clip. Trolled north made turn on bow of transport, came around stearn and Wahoo grab the planner. Justin keep the boat moving forward while I cleared starboard short rigger with TJ on the rod, 2 runs later, planer at boat, Justin did the leader work to be done. Rear door open and gaff in hand we were waiting for Wahoo to go for another lap but he swam right into gaff reach and TJ stuck him with a good gaff hook. 7:35 AM, 37 pound wahoo in the box trolled back thru but nothing. Kited for an hour and a half.. nothing but rain. Ran to 350 and trolled a weed line for hour and a half... nothing. Cleaned up and coached a soccer game. Spit tail mullet and planer on braid got the job done...


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