Messing with Sasquatch 12-28

Took a trip with Yelladevil17 and his Asian posse out to 60 foot of water 14 miles W of Johns Pass,bait of choice was live handpicked shrimp and 5-6" swimbaits.We only anchored once and never moved all day,the bite was stellar to say the least for gags,mangos and a few hogs.The only problem was I got sea sick soon as the anchor was tight,due to fishing on a smaller boat and not taken a pill.I had to watch for two straight hours Yelladevil17 and friends stay hooked-up non-stop.I was dubbed the role of camera man for a while until I composed myself.....then it was on like donkey kong!!My first mang of the day turned out to be a 22" goozzer,my biggest of the year.The bottom we were fishing was large boulders spread out on sandy bottom,if you hooked the fish next to the boulder you were getting broke off.But if you hooked them in the sandy bottom area you had a real shot at getting them.We as a group probably got broke off at least 25 times,but we also landed 40+ gags up to 30".I would have to say It was the best bite I have ever been on,excluding the middlegrounds,and I only fished for 2 hours out of the 5 we were at anchor.Yelladevil17 also caught a few fish on beef jerkey,you may have already seen it....comment on this report if you want a chance to fish with me.:fishing


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