What's the shallowest you've ever caught a red snapper?

Caught this in 60 feet on Christmas Eve. We could see faintly see the top of the skyway, no joke. What's the shallowest other people have caught red snapper?


  • djsmallzdjsmallz Posts: 56 Deckhand
    I've only caught them past 100ft
    "One has to go fishing in order to catch fish"....:wink
  • reel_dragreel_drag Posts: 81 Greenhorn
    We've caught one in about 60-70ft.
  • Split ShotSplit Shot Posts: 6,150 Admiral
    19" in 19' of water in the bay. My most productive in the gulf is in 62' of water.
  • Mango ManMango Man Posts: 11,058 AG

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  • JayzillaJayzilla Posts: 73 Deckhand
    9 feet deep, 3-4lb fish.
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