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I' m looking to get some glass work, jack plate and power pole installed on my 04 Dolphin super pro. I'll also be installing a new trolling mtr and chart plotter combo unit. Am looking for recomendations for a shop in the Jacksonville/Daytona area that can do it all.



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    Call Tony at Boatronics...He will do you right!! and all of it....

    Capt. Ron
    I'm doing allright for the place I'm in....Original Fourm Member #5244
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    You can also call Charlie at trolling motor services for everthing but the glass work. for that get a hold of Bob aka sea fox here on the forum.
  • Boatronics will take good care of you, top notch work!!!!!!
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    please excuse my text, replying from iphone via talk to text.
    thank you very much for the kind words!
    sir I would love to help you out, you can bring your vessel to our secure facility or I can come to you and we can get it all taken care of.
    I would be glad to give you a free estimate that I will stand behind. please give me a ring at 90454 51270 thank you very much!
    Tony Eden-
    Certified, licsensed and insured, Marine Electronics and rigging master, and "Dream boat" build winner with 20 years of professional experience.
    Over 80 seperate, recent reviews from captains on this forum-
    Please call with any questions or a free estimate for the lowest price/best work available!
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    if you are looking for a jack plate check this one out ,it is all electric www,jackedupjackplates.com Ihave one on my boat this one is great.,.,
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    Thanks all.
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