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Slingbag? Beltpack? Suggestions. What do you use

RStyleRStyle Posts: 1,483 Officer
Wife and I walk 3-5 miles almost every day
On occasion I see something that I would like to take an image of and wished I had the camera
Carried my camera with a shoulder strap a few times but not comfortable and I would be using the camera very sporadically
(Nikon with 70-300mm.) Carrying flash would be nice but not essential
Thought about a beltpack or maybe a sling bag but wonder if they are going to be clumsy and uncomfortable too.

I have a backpack for camera, flash, various lenses, battery charger, cards etc but is big and I only use on trips. Not sure a backpack for one camera and one lens would be practical or available

Just wondering what you guys use if only taking one set up on a hike, bicycle ride etc

Thanks for any suggestions


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