Starting 2013 With A Bang!! 1/1/13

Dad and I put the Gheenoe in around 7:30 last night for the first trip of 2013. Plan was to hit some dock lights and fish bridges with flare hawks. Got to the first spot we wanted to throw the hawk and on the first cast, dad gets hit! But doesn't stick. 2nd cast of the night and he's on! After a good fight, we land a very nice slot snook and what would be smallest fish of the night. The tide begins to go slack (which we prefer because it is easier to maneuver the Gheenoe) and we head to the next spot. Right away, Dad hooks another one up, but pulls off. 10 minutes later, Dad hooks up again. Has to wrench it away from the structure and he does. The fish comes up after a shorter battle and I grab it, but it wasn't ready to be landed. I hang on while it makes some hard head shakes and leaves me with some nasty cuts. Just over slot and very thick. Tide is still slack so we work around to a spot on the bridge we've had success in before. 2nd cast in there, slammed! Drag is locked down, but it still pulls it out, in short runs. Get the fish away from the structure and after a few minutes of fighting it, up to the top it comes and it's a beast! Wear it down and Dad grabs it. Does a great job hanging on to the fish. Catch my breath and take some pics. It's over our measuring board and bigger than any snook I caught in 2012. Tide begins to move so we let the boat push against a piling, Dad launches a perfect cast. Fish on! He tries to pull it away from the structure, but got into it before we could even move the boat and snapped the 65 pound braid. Tide starts pulling really hard and we're about to head in anyway so we check a few dock lights. Got a nice 6 pound jack on one and a small snook on the other. Lots of activity in all the lights, but all seemed to be smaller fish. Called it a night before 11:00. Great trip. All fish ate a 1.5 oz First Light Snook Jig.


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