CK - 12/24

Everytime I come home to Gainesville my dad and I always hit up Cedar Key for a day (or 3) of fishing. We thought about Suwanee for the day, we like the breakfast we can get there better. But we decided on Cedar Key to bring back some fresh clams. In addition to my Dad my girl came with me to meet the parents and went with us also. She was excited since it was her first chance to use her new pink rod. We left the house a little after 6 and were getting on the water by 7:30. The plan was to find a redfish or two and then look around for other species.

I decided to try a new jig. I only had one in the the copper and flashy feather combo. Pulled in three Reds in the morning before I lost it to an oyster. Tried a couple of color combos with no luck. Two of the Reds were keepers, 20" and 25", and one went back to grow up. My dad had one short trout. So far we had only messed around Seahorse. Stopped and walked around the lighthouse while eating a sandwhich. I have been there many times but it was my girlfriends first time. Walked around the island and checked out the old cemetery while we there. She had a good time and we gave a history lesson on cedar key.

After that we messed around hoping to find some more Reds or a keeper trout without any luck.

We pulled up and moved on to our next spot. One short sea bass for the girlfriend to break in her rod and then back to the dock.

Fresh fried redfish and steamed clams for dinner.

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