Where are the Pilchards in Key Largo

I'd like to know where everyone catches Pilchards in Key Largo. Appreciate the help.


  • TavernierGuyTavernierGuy Posts: 917 Officer
    Check out the canals early in the morning. If the bay is flat you can see them on the top late in the day. Captain Bad's Tackle Shop is now selling them from their tanks. I think they are 8.00 a dozen. They are big. They are also selling Goggle Eyes, but you will need to call ahead. You can pull right up in back or trailor your boat in. He has a really good supply of Greenback Ballyhoo's. Also selling Blue Runners.
  • Max'd OutMax'd Out Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    I guess I would need to look for birds diving just like in Miami. I think that bait shop is on the bay side and a ways from where I'm at which is basically in front of Rodriquez Key. But thanks for the info.
  • jhounschelljhounschell Key largoPosts: 11 Greenhorn
    TavernierGuy, Which Bait shop are you referring to ? Never heard of Captain Bad's ? Is this in Islamorada ? Love to have a fall back if I can't net any...
  • wonderboywonderboy Posts: 65 Greenhorn
    anyone have address or phone number?
  • Max'd OutMax'd Out Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    (305) 451-2248

    103100 Overseas Hwy # 43, Key Largo, FL 33037
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