Jennifer's street painting in Buffalo, WY

For those of you who don't make it over to the Off Topic Forum, I posted the video of Jennifer's latest effort, in Buffalo, Wyoming.

More info for you here on the photo forum.

Stills shot with D90 on tripod and 18-105 or Tokina 12-24.
Video and stills shot with D7000 and 18-105 or Tokina 12-24, haldheld.
Video shot in 1080 HD.
Video dolly shots done borrowing a skateboard from a kid on the street. Camera handheld on skateboard.

Color correction in post using PS5 and PowerDirector. I tried to get video and stills to match - in color - but I need to learn more about that - a lot more - it is better than my past efforts - but still not great.

Nine hours of Jennifer's effort, 834 still photos and five video clips.

Hope you enjoy it.

- Craig


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