Gun control and suicide rate in Japan and the USA

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Proponents of new American gun laws cite the use of guns in suicide as another "reason" to pass new guns laws. Japan has very strict gun laws and a low rate of gun crimes. Despite not having easy access to guns, the Japanese commit suicide at over 2x the rate of Americans, despite the higher rate of gun ownership by Americans.

"In 2009, the number of suicides rose 2 percent to 32,845 exceeding 30,000 for the twelfth straight year and equating to nearly 26 suicides per 100,000 people.[10] This amounts to approximately one suicide every 15 minutes.[4] In comparison, the UK rate is about 9 per 100,000, and the US rate around 11 per 100,000."

The small differential in UK and USA suicide rates can hardly be explained by the vast differences in gun laws in the the US and UK.

Japan- suicide rate = 26/100K
USA - suicide rate = 11/110K
UK- suicide rate = 9/100K

Univariate solutions to multivariate problems are rarely satisfying.


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    They're Ninjas. They sneek up on themselves.
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    Yes, but a COMPLETELY different society. I have a BEST friend over there working in the relief effort (and this will go on for YEARS!), and during the tsunami/earthquake event, there was NO looting, every helped each other, pooled resources, and took care of each other as a collective. If that happened here, there would be looting, rioting, murders, and the whole ugly lot. But they don't encourage 'diversity' like we do here (cough, vomit, spatter)......
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    common methods of suicide in japan are jumping in front of trains, leaping off high places, hanging, or overdosing on medication .. no mention of guns at all. in the good old united states we have most suicides using the good old gun to the head routine :shrug
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