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As gun owners we need to STOP this pessimistic attitude IMMEDIATELY that a new "ban" is going to take place. Lately you hear casual talk like: "when the new ban goes into effect" and "the coming ban" etc, as if this is already a done deal. WAKE UP, because its not! That kind of attitude leads to defeatism!

We all need to realize that since the last "ban" expired, this industry has grown tremendously and there are millions of new law-abiding, responsible gun owners out there just like you!

YOU MUST take 3 minutes out of your day from searching for guns, magazine, parts etc, and take that time to WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVES at all levels of government. Local, state and most importantly at the federal level. Even if your rep is a huge 2nd amendment person or you live in an area surrounded by folks that don't agree with you... they still must hear from you!

#1) If your representatives are on the other side of the isle, WHO CARES, they still need to hear from you. Even if you are in a district where your representative does not agree with you, lets say under normal conditions 3% of responses on gun issues they get are against gun control. Now lets say because of you and your friends that number jumps to 5%, 10% or 15%+. Regardless if a higher % disagree, it will still be reported to them by their staffers as a new development/trend and it might just make them soften their stance; a softened stance is better than its prior state.

#2) You must understand that your actual representatives will likely NOT read your letter/email. HOWEVER their STAFFERS will read them. This is a NUMBERS GAME.

#3) The staffers keep simple counts for their bosses (your representatives) of how many emails/letters came in FOR or AGAINST additional gun control legislation. The more emails/letters AGAINST new gun control legislation vs. those for it will make your representative think before voting for some new piece of legislation that will have zero effect and will just further impede law abiding owners rights.

#4) Keep your email/letter short and simple. ONE or TWO sentences MAX. Simply state your position and note that you will be encouraging your friends/family and anyone you can talk to, to vote them out of office if they vote for it. DO NOT WASTE TIME trying to laboriously argue/convince them of your position. Remember, when you email them a little counter increments up by one counting your position. Thats what you are trying to affect!

#5) DON'T let the other side shout our side down. Make your voice heard. The media needs to hear from us in mass as well. This means WRITING your local/regional newspapers, including national outlets.

#6) DON'T waste your time on online petitions. Write your reps, it can have a tangible effect.

The consequences of NOT acting will lead to long term repercussions.

Do you want to be FINGERPRINTED and PHOTOGRAPHED like a common criminal or not be able to will your private property to your heirs? You should be OUTRAGED and OFFENDED by the suggestion! (@see Assault Weapons - Issues - United States Senator Dianne Feinstein)

Write your representatives today! Its EASY! Imagine if all the "backorder" buttons sent an email to our representatives over the past few months! We can do this; think positive!

SENATE: U.S. Senate: Senators Home

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