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PC 12/28

Well finally we had some good weather. Launched out of PC around 7. Went to 8A with the rest of the armada. The kings are so thick you can walk on them. We were looking for some bottom structure first thing so I put a 'hoo in to slow troll while I looked around, it didnt get 20 feet behind behind the boat and a king jumped on it, one in the box. We drifted while fishing the bottom and got more kings, slow trolled for more. We caught lots of ARS. BSB and some really big porgys. Fished the bouy line on the way home for TT but we didnt get any. We brought home 4 kings, 1 spanish, trigger and porgys. On the way home the trailer brakes locked on one wheel , had to disengage my brake line to get home. Oh well it was a nice flat day on the water with lots of action. Sorry no pics but I am not much of a picture taker. Go get them while the weather holds!


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