Surf Fishing Naples

Where's a good place to start? Never tried it, but am interested in seeing what I can catch. Anyone surf fish here or up to wiggins?



  • fltsfshrfltsfshr Posts: 292 Officer
    We have a couple 12 foot surf casters. We load them with a 3 oz weight, a swivel, heavy leader and a circle hook. We use a big chunk of ladyfish or mullet. On a low tide, we'll walk out as far as we can and throw for the horizon. Then we leave the bail open, walk back to shore and have a beer.

    Lazy fishing but it works for big fish.

    In season, it's hard to find a place where there's not swimmers. We like the far end of Barefoot on the other side of Wiggins Pass but anywhere along the beach is OK.

  • Snook0013Snook0013 Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    I went out this morning down by Gordon's pass. Could not find too much bait, but the sheepshead were hanging around rocks eating sand fleas. Got 2 keepers and a 18 in. black drum. Last weekend I got a 19 in red in the same spot on a shiner. I never travel up to wiggens pass but I hear alot of people do good there.
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