St Pete Mullet

Anyone know where they are located in the St Pete area? Have they all moved out of the bay now?


  • sharkatak1089sharkatak1089 Posts: 6,407 Officer
    ping nate
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  • capt.natecapt.nate Posts: 2,359 Officer
    im not sure bout st. pete but manatee county is all done. was a super crappy year. they are still around but in small numbers and they dont have any roe in em.
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  • ruskinredneckruskinredneck Posts: 1,121 Officer
    I caught some off 4th St. last week with roe.
  • Capt.JaredCapt.Jared Posts: 164 Officer
    Most of the mullet have moved out of the bay. There a still a few small groups but not the masses. You may want to check around the coffee pot area of st.pete.
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