Biggest red landed on my boat so far Its HUUGE! 12/24

Had a great group of 4 from Ohio today. I played this one by ear. I had solid plan but I couldnt shake the feeling that something good was going on out a few miles out. So out we went to let the tide come in abit. On the way out to my numbers I was hoping for birds and there they were. But! Instead of macks there were these big fish feeding up top. Sharks? Cobia? Nope apparently it was Huuge reds and Robert whooped this slob good.uploadfromtaptalk1356398023955.jpg30# plus this fish was faatuploadfromtaptalk1356398133267.jpgafter this one they left. These guys wanted some good meat so we stayed out and managed about 15 trips with 3 fat keepers. uploadfromtaptalk1356398537208.jpguploadfromtaptalk1356398603370.jpghis wasnt legal hers was but it was his and her first fish ever and the whole pic. Thing after that got old once everyone caught the bug of runin these suckers down. Finally hit the number and manged a few pomps. I was runnin around feelin like it was my first day fishing ever, totally Stoked lovin every second. Im at a christmas party but wanted to share this trip. Merry Christmas everyone and God bless.. sambuca time!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Tear Em Up!

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