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OT-Moving to Plant City

Today the wife and I put a deposit down on a modular home that will be built my Palm Harbor homes and put a bid on 2 acres in Plant City. Anyone one have feedback on either the type of home or area? We have a few friends who live in Plant City that say most of the folks there keep to themselves and there's a few spots that are questionable, with ignorant mentalities either really ghetto or really backwoods but for the most part it's cool. One couple that we're friends with live in a newer manufactured home and they moved from a brick home in Oldsmar. They've been there for 2 or 3yrs now and say they really can't tell the difference, even during storm season they feel safe. We've walked through dozens on manufactured homes with me being 250# jumping around on the floors and it felt solid. Are there any concerns we should have with these homes or the area?

2002 Hurricane 196 Fundeck-2002 Yamaha 115



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