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Melb. Beach Surf Fishing 12\23\12

Well, the girlfriend had to wrap gifts for me and the kids and wanted us gone. So I grabbed some rods and headed to the beach around 12:30. High tide was around 3:30. Stopped off at melb. pier to throw the cast net for bait. Only got 5 mullet about 10" long. No finger mullet. Brought some frozen shrimp too. I got the 2 rods out with cut bait on them and no sooner tried to get the 3 rd rod out with shrimp on it and the first 2 rods were doubled over with blue fish on them. We landed 4 blues and loss a lot that missed the hook. When I did get the rod out with shrimp on it. Some thing keep stealin the bait off of it. We fished for about 2 hours. I didnt realize that with back turned from my 3 year old that he was feeding the pelicans all my mullet for bait to them. So I ran out of bait. It was pretty active fishing for that 2 hours. There was some people next to me throwing a silver spoon and ever 6 th cast. He would hook a blue fish. Hope this report helps. Good Luck and Merry Christmas.


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