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Offshore Fishing Survey for High School Science Project - Please Help!

Please take a moment on your next fishing trip to collect this information and email it to [email protected]

What species did you catch on your fishing trip, and how many of each?
If known, please record the size, weight, and/or gender of each fish.

What was found in each fish’s stomach, if anything? Please be as specific as possible, but other animals or plants do not have to be identified to the species level.

Did anything found in the fishes’ stomachs seem manmade or of human origin (ex. plastic, chicken bones, etc.)?

Were there any floaters or Sargassum patches where any of these fish were caught? If so, please specify.

What was the general location you fished in (for example, 20 miles off Cedar Key)?

Please attach photos of each fish (they do not have to be individual shots of each fish) and their stomach contents, if any (make note of which fish the stomach contents came from!).

If you have any other information or evidence of foreign objects being ingested please post photos or info, or email it to floridafishingsurve[email protected]

Thank you for your time.


  • FLCoyoteFLCoyote Posts: 271 Deckhand
    I can give you some information on my last two trips, minus some of the details. Hope this helps.

    Last Friday, 15 Dec 2012: Went to Bay County Pier at about 10AM. Caught 12 Whiting from 12" to 14" long and one Pompano, 11 1/2 inches long. Nothing organic or otherwise in stomach contents. Gulf was calm, no weeds or debris. weight of individual fish was about 14 Oz to 20 Oz.

    Next day Saturday, 16 Dec 2012: Went to railroad trestle in intercoastal waterway near Appalachicola airport. Caught 7 Hybrids (Sunshine bass) all about 16 inches , 2 Lbs, two redfish, one 23 inches long and one 31 inches long, estimate weights at five Lbs for 23" and 12 Lbs for 31", had to release 31" due to oversize and one freshwater catfish, about 1 1/2 LB, 15" long. We released two undersize Speckled trout and two undersize Sheephead.

    On Friday 9 Dec 2012, two of us caught 24 flounder about two miles offshore east of the Panama City pass. All were legal, but released four that were just over 12".
    Of those we kept 17 were 13" to 16" and three were 17" to 19". Also caught a three Lb toadfish and a Rudy mouth grunt, both released.
    I'm forwarding pictures to the email address you listed.

  • bonebone Posts: 1,156 Officer
    Nice. Thank you.
  • donald811donald811 Posts: 479 Deckhand
    FLCoyote, you know they gonna use that info to reduce catch or copletely close Whiting!:grin
    Life is a lot simpler when you plow around the stump.
  • RedhunterRedhunter Posts: 435 Deckhand
    FLCoyote, What is up with this?
    We released two undersize Speckled trout and two undersize Sheephead.

    No report on what is in their stomachs? You're hold out on us!!:grin
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