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Dad and I fished the ML and NIRL on the 19th. Caught a few trout in ML, no sign of any reds, Checked whale tail and surrounding flats. Lots of mullet. Caught this trout that same morning in the NIRL It felt like a redfish but i was amazed when i saw it was just a slob trout. I think that is a personal best.

The 20th I fished alone. I worked some areas north of NASA causeway. Water was slick and clear but in the 2-3 miles of shoreline i worked, on both shores, I didn't see a single predator, just tons of mullet. I headed further south and at random picked a piece of shoreline and worked it. About 1 mile into my drift, I started seeing some trout and then began to push a school of reds down with me. I staked out and was able to catch a few of them

All in all, it was a good two days. A bit on the slow side, but if you persevere, and try some new areas sometimes it pays off. The fish just aren't where they were this time last year. I had a couple spots last winter that were sure thing trout and reds spots, almost every time, and this year I haven't seen fish in those areas. The fish I caught where in pretty shallow water as well. 18-36 inches at most.


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