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OK, now confused about buoy color for stone crab traps...

Ok, 2 personal stone crab traps. Really try to follow the law so I did my research and noted NOTHING on FWC website about specific personal trap buoy color requirements. Also on here other posts referencing painting buoys to deter theft, etc. I was informed today by (actually really nice) FWC guy that the buoy's MUST be white. Just spent another 30 minutes on FWC website and it says NOTHING about buoy color requirements or restrictions, period. Only states the obvious requirement of the "R". Called FWC hotline guy said he sees no problem with coloring buoy (only gotta have the "R" and gives me another number to call Monday to triple check. Someone official please answer just so I can do the right thing.


  • ANUMBER1ANUMBER1 Posts: 12,199 AG
    On commercial the bouys CAN NOT be all white, must be some type of contrasting color. Maybe that why FWC told you it must be white.
    I am glad to only be a bird hunter with bird dogs...being a shooter or dog handler or whatever other niche exists to separate appears to generate far too much about which to worry.
  • maxim1010maxim1010 Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    Yeah I see the commercial law where they can't be white. However the rec rules don't say anything and no one seems to know. 2 FWC=2 different answers = SCARY!
  • CAPTAIN "T"CAPTAIN "T" Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    maxim1010 wrote: »
    Yeah I see the commercial law where they can't be white. However the rec rules don't say anything and no one seems to know. 2 FWC=2 different answers = SCARY!

    Typical- If you ask 5 more you will get 5 more different answers.

    They write laws to be vague and confusing so they can interprit it any way they choose
  • GreyRiderGreyRider Posts: 61 Deckhand
    (a) Each trap used must have the trap owner’s stone crab endorsement number permanently attached. In addition, the stone crab endorsement number shall be affixed in legible figures at least two inches high on each buoy used. A valid commercial saltwater products license with the corresponding stone crab endorsement number must be on the boat and the license and stone crab claws shall be subject to inspection at all times. Except as provided in paragraph (4)(c) of this rule, no more than two stone crab endorsement numbers shall be used on a single vessel.
    (b) A buoy or time release buoy shall be attached to each trap or at each end of a weighted trap trotline. The buoy shall be constructed of styrofoam, cork, molded polyvinyl chloride, or molded polystyrene, be of sufficient strength and buoyancy to float, and be of such color, hue, and brilliancy as to be easily distinguished, seen, and located. Buoys shall be either spherical in shape with a diameter no smaller than 6 inches or some other shape so long as it is no shorter than 10 inches in the longest dimension and the width at some point exceeds 5 inches. No more than 5 feet of any buoy line attached to a buoy used to mark a stone crab trap or attached to a trotline shall float on the surface of the water.


    68B-13.009(3) TRAP MARKING REQUIREMENTS. The buoy attached to each trap used to harvest stone crabs, other than those used to harvest for commercial purposes, shall have a legible “R”, at least two inches high, permanently affixed to it. The trap shall have the harvester’s name and address permanently affixed to it in legible letters. The buoy requirements of this subparagraph shall not apply to traps fished from a dock.

    Law link:

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