What happened to all those that posted to this forum a few years ago?



  • alabamaoxalabamaox Posts: 51 Deckhand
    New York lawyers maybe great business men but they don't know jack sheet about running a fishin mag and not alienating an entire community of supporters
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,048 Moderator
    I thought FS was owned by folks out of ATL.

    Not that ATL is much different than NYC.

    I will say one thing and that is the following: I am currently looking at the first pop-up ad I have ever seen that i like. "Bad Idea T-Shirt" ad... yeah, not tough on the eyes one bit. I'd like to have some of that tartare!
    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
  • addicted2reelinaddicted2reelin Posts: 137 Deckhand
    Been away, still not much happening maybe it is the regs. :stinkfish
  • SwampratSwamprat Posts: 1,058 Officer
    Fairly new here but will do my best to contribute.

    Right now I am in hunting mode but will start back fishing inshore and surf mid-January. I hunt in Georgia and not so much around here except for turkeys but in March I get into turkey mode and usually don't start back fishing till may unless I am tagged out.

    Not sure why our area is the slowest on this forum, maybe we like it that way. Lord knows the tourists hitting the coast makes me dread hitting the coast at times.
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