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South Indian River

Water depth: skinny may be an understatement

Tackle: Stradic 3000 CI4, 10lbs braid to 15floro, St. Croix Avid med.

Bait: Top water plug (you can see which plug in the pics)
Trout/red fishing the last few nights and have had excelled numbers landed and great size both in length and unbelievably fat. The three below are 25’ 27’ and the big one is right at 30’. The trout have been eating like cows just crushing top water plugs. The gator hit the plug THREE times before she got it. Sorry the last pic is way off center and has the top of my grill in the frame; it was like 1:20am and my fiancé was asleep and I was not about to miss taking a shot of that big trout. Enjoy the pics and good luck this weekend everyone.



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