Dolphin/BlackFin Today Off Tavernier

Did a little snorkeling off Hens & Chicken with my wife before heading out to the reef. Grabbed 3 conventional rods & 1 spinning rod today, no ballyhoo rigging. Just going fishing. Keeping it simple paid off today. Fish were chewing. Got to love the Southeast wind in December. Was working a weedline that had been picked through pretty good early in the day by other boats, spotted a lone frigate bird about 2 miles off the weedline, set the course, hooked a tuna under the Frigate then up came the Phins. All the drags started screaming. Had a serious fire drill going on, but it was a hell of alot of fun! Fish did not want to stick around the boat, so we stuck under the Frigate bird for another 2 fish then started to move back in, had enough fish. Caught 5 at 2:00 PM, that was a enough for us.

Melinda had blast catching this guy. Seems like this fish was on steroids. This one had some meat to him, but the rest were the normal skinny December fish.

Moved back to 120ft looking for Sailfish and Tuna. Found the tuna, but no Sails. Pink was the color. Lines in the water at 12:30 PM, back to the dock at 5:00 PM for Happy Hour. It was good afternoon.


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