180'-210' off sarasota

Headed offshore Wed in search of a trolling bite, mainly looking for wahoo and tuna. Stopped in 140' and found plenty of bonita.... Not quite what we were looking for so we headed out to 160' again more bonita.... But we did find a decent dolphin. So we headed to our last spot in 180' that drops off to over 200'. As soon as we got in the area we spot a frigate bird.... Ok things are looking up... I steer the boat right under him and he leads me right to the ledge, as soon as my arrival alarm sounds BAM!!! Tripled header of blackfins!!!! Alright things are looking much better... Anyway we troll around for the next couple of hours or so and end up with at least 2 tripled headers multiple doubles and singles. And plenty of lost fish too. Total for the day was 14 blackfins, 2 red grouper and a dolphin. All in all not a bad way to spend a Wednesday... Sry for lack of pics I was a little busy...
ps this pic is missing the already cleaned 4 tuna, grouper and dolphin. Lol forgot to snap a pic.


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