Snook in Cedar Key???

I have been Trout and Red fishing in Cedar Key for over 20 years and never accidentally crossed paths with a Snook.
Has anyone out there caught one that far North? I have caught a few Pompano but another one that people do catch up here are Tarpon
and I still haven't got one of them either. Iv'e seen them but by that time they have seen me and are not interested. We don't go looking
for Tarpon or Snook but I just thought it odd to not run across one after this many years.


  • TumbleweedTomTumbleweedTom Posts: 1,987 Officer
    Yes, I've caught them in C.K., and know for a fact that several have caught them as far north as Suwannee, SINCE the last hard cold winter.
    Not an every day occurrence however.
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  • Scott CrownScott Crown Posts: 661 Officer
    I have hooked one at sheird Island, caught two in the suwanee and have seen some big girls around the dead trees in the water on the islands of Cedar Key but have never hooked one of them. Summer time.
  • EbbtideEbbtide Posts: 198 Officer
    About 6 years ago I was netting mud minnows in a back creek and had about a dozen finger length snook in the net. I called F&G the next day and told them what I caught, they didn't seem surprised. I have heard several accounts of bigger snook since then.
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  • tommyr904tommyr904 Posts: 574 Officer
    I caught one in Johnson creek a few years ago,about 14" long.never caught a Tarpon but I did see one at drum point a couple years ago
  • The BusinessThe Business Posts: 154 Deckhand
    They are up here, I think they may catch more of them out of Crystal River. We stopped at some inshore Cobia rocks on the way back in the summer before last. I hopped with my speargun and saw some of the biggest snook i've ever seen. I think they are out there like Permit, but most of us don't fish for them or know how to fish for them.
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