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    Cyclist wrote: »
    If you use slugs buy several types and makes and shoot your gun a bunch. Some guns don't shoot them worth a **** and some guns are particular to certain kinds/types. Don't forget to use open choke.

    00 is fine. Pattern it as well.

    Cycle - - - That is good advice. It's not that I haven't had experience using shotguns and slugs, it's just that I don't like their short-comings and would prefer to use a rifle. Billy and I had decided to do some scouting this season and learn the areas before jumping in with both feet. That should be a relief to Doc as he was concerned one or the other of us would get shot!

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    .22mag behind the ear.
    "I live in a free country. I've got all the licenses, registrations, and permits to prove it!" :huh
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