Recommendation for a Guide

I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a guide around Islamorada who is willing to teach. I guide smallmouth bass part time on lake St Clair in Michigan. I've been traveling to the Middle Keys once a year for the past 5 to bend a rod in the fall. One year ago I bought a Hewes Redfisher as I am nearing retirement age and wanted something to use on those trips, instead of wading or renting.

Does anyone know of a guide down there that is willing to teach me the basics? I'm not looking for "X marks the spot" as I would never give away my "honey holes" up here either. I'm just looking for someone who will teach me about tides and fish movement and take me to areas to demonstrate the flows and general behavior. Don't care if it's my boat or theirs. I'll be back down the second week of September in 2013.

The whole exercise is to help me be a better fisherman and I have no intention of becoming a guide down there. (I'd be a terrible failure anyway I'm sure, being a casual visitor.)

Thanks for any help.


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