11/25 Offshore CR

Just my 11 y/o son and I, so didn't want to go out too far. We went back to an area I marked last time out about a month ago that we didn't have a ton of time to try. Unfortunately, the gags were cooperating much more than the red grouper. I didn't get a cooler shot, but had a couple red grouper, kept the hogfish my son caught, one of the 3 spanish macks that bit on the bottom were kept and we also kept a handful of grunt because they were as big as I've ever seen them. I'd guess we caught 30 gags of which about a dozen were keepers. Only about 6 total red grouper and they were extremely dark in color.

They were eating pretty much anything we sent down. Water temp at the surface was 61.5. Seas were a bit sportier than forecasted on the way out, but laid down for a nice cruise in.





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