Crystal River 11/25

First post so bare with me. Me, my fishing buddy and my dad went out to crystal river this weekend aware that we had a cold front Saturday night but was hoping to still get a few trout to explode on a zara spook early Sunday nothin beats that. Headed towards mangrove point saw a few posts in the last month or so catching a lot out that way and south so that's where we went. Started off with a 18" trout within the first couple casts then lost another bout 16 right at the boat. had a couple more hit the top water but it really wasn't enough to keep me into after a couple hours I kept with it hoping for something and finally one of the biggest crashes I've ever seen nailed my lure but missed it, threw a twitch bait back an nothin. Bout 10 minutes later same thing happens...but this time I'm hooked up, I was using a very light weight 7' pole with 12 pound test and it was running I could only think it was a snook it hit right at the point of a mangrove and I got it to the boat and it turned out to be a 26" red. After that we headed out to a rock in about 8ft to hope for sheephead or seabass. Ended up getting 8 keeper sea bass and 3 short grouper and the 40 short sea bass or whatever it was to get to the bigger ones. Fished the canal going to the days inn boat launch for large mouth caught about 6 around 12" and called it a day. Bad day for trout but ended up a decent all around day in Crystal River.


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