FIRST TRIP OUT TO MY Honey hole numbers since last sping..

After a summer and fall of trips that fell through for an off shore run to Finally happened..It was to be a crew of 4 It ended up fellow forum member Tight Loops and me. We decided to take the TwinnVee it needed a good long run.well not to long 30 miles..We were to leave the dock at 7 AM,but after looking at the tides i could not get of our marina with a negative low..Left a little after 8AM..Up to this point the numbers i fish for years now have been devoid of other boats..As we approached much to my horror there were commercial grouper boats trolling the area, they were pretty spread out..
Set up a drift on first number in second first 18 inch short(for us not them comes over the side) it was constant action with doubles the norm ,,Got a lot practice venting in no time, the commercial boat were circling us ..Felt like the cavalry being surrounded..It was interesting to see how fast they trolled..I told Tight Loops we are going to move about 2 mile to another good spot..We started to nail the keepers to 26inch..They must have been watching because hear they come we caught our limit..Actually we need one more for the limit and had a double on Scott hit the DECK first then mine comes in about 2 inches bigger revive his and it swims away..Bait was giant squid wings,White grunt,regular grunt as large cut bait.


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