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Not Something You See Everyday... 11/29/12

Joupdog1Joupdog1 Posts: 1,416 Officer
Chris and I headed to scope some ponds we've been interested in fishing today. Showed up, Chris throwing fly rod, I was throwing Unfair Lures Mullet. Chris right away hooks up. The fish takes line and then up comes a big bass! His personal best on fly around 6 pounds. We work a little further and to our surprise, we see a big school of tarpon rolling. Chris launches a fly at them and hooked up! The fish jumped a total of 4 times in the small pond before breaking him off on his 5wt fly rod. Now were really wondering what else could be in here, considering that was a 30-40 pound tarpon. I was casting the shore when I see the weeds move, come past it and slammed! Drag strips out and up comes a nice snook! Probably about 26 inches, pictures and released. We looked for pipes that could possibly connect it to the river, but couldn't find any. Tasted the water and it was completely fresh. Go down a little further and Chris pops a snook about the same size! Not what you expect in a freshwater pond, but I'm not complaining. They slammed the Unfair Lures Mullet(copper back).


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