Your Favorite Forum Members?

RedBaronRedBaron Posts: 6,781 Officer
With the season over for most of us, time for a slow down. So in an effort to stir it up for amazement purposes......
Who is your favorite sports forum member from each school? Least favorite? Most like able? Funniest? Least funny when trying to be funny? Etc?

My favs:
UGA : erock
Bama: Pea
AU: Mullet
UT: Fins

Those are easy ones as they generally represent their schools single handedly

UM : most knowledgeable , Surfmiami
UM: funniest, TGunn
UM : overall, Intrepid

Fsu: most knowledgeable , Keysnole
Fsu: funniest, Ken
Fsu: overall, Mel

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