16 things that cost more than a ticket to the ACC championship game

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• StubHub ticket processing fee ($5)

• "Hug Me, I'm From Tallahassee" T-shirt ($14.99)

• Kinko's copy of the ACC's lawsuit against Maryland, coil bound ($4.99)

• Gallon of diesel fuel, as of Nov. 28 ($4.02)

• Suggested donation to Wikipedia on the site's "2012 ACC Championship Game" page ($5)

• 2007 ACC Championship Boston College vs. Virginia Tech program postcard ($9.99)

• Venti gingerbread latte from Starbucks ($4.75)

• VHS copy of Florida State's 1993 national championship video ($9.99)

• Every ACC Championship parking spot on ParkWhiz.com ($5 to $82.50)

• John Swofford autographed football card ($8.99)

• DVD copy of The Program ($4.99)

• Foot-long sandwich from Subway ($5)

• Kindle edition of The Bowden Way: 50 Years of Leadership Wisdom ($10.09)

• Georgia Tech paper plates, pack of eight ($4.95)

• Florida State face paint ($10.95)

• Compact mirror with which to apply Florida State face paint ($6.99)

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