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Tues inshore - big reds and some dinner

Luman and I ventured out to the Mayport inlet Tues morning. The water was glass, seas were flat and very little wind; beautiful morning. Anchored on the Southern tip in hopes of some sheep on the falling tide. Small bass and other trash picked away at us for a while and only one other boat (5-6 on the spot) landed a sheep and it was tiny. Switched over to live shrimp and immediately got rocked. I was fishing my Penn 420 on a 7' fast action Allstar rod and this fish put the gear to the test. Look at the tiny circle hook in the corner of his lip. Measured 30".




Shortly after Luman hung into another lunker with my other ultralight with 6# test hybrid. 30" again.




Jetties got sporty as the wind picked up so we headed for calmer waters. Hit up my favorite spot and caught a few nice trout using 1/4 oz new penny jig with either live shrimp or fishbites paddle tails and a few under slot redfish.


Decided to close out the falling tide under a bridge and a parting cast with two fiddlers on the gold jig landed a nice sheep for the cooler...finally.



Called it a day around 2p. Fish sandwiches for supper!


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